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Tell the story of your designs with Lumion 12, available now!

With new features and an improved scene-building experience, Lumion 12 adds to more than a decade of development to help architects bring their ideas to life and communicate with emotion and clarity.

The latest version of Lumion rendering software, Lumion 12, is available today!

We’re excited to announce that this version comes with several new features and a vastly improved scene-building experience, making it even easier and more enjoyable to turn your design ideas into beautiful renders at any stage of the design’s development.

3D model by VIS3DARQ.
3D model by VIS3DARQ.

With Lumion 12, architectural visualization is no longer a job solely for specialists. Any architect, from the small firms to the largest studios, can add Lumion to their design workflows and take advantage of stunning, atmospheric renders that are easy to make (and thrilling to view).

Let’s take a look at a few of the new features. For a full overview of the new features and workflow improvements in Lumion 12, head on over to the What’s New page or check the release notes.

Want to try Lumion 12? You can sign up for the 14-day free trial or request an unrestricted Pro Trial from your local Lumion partner.


Volumetric spotlights effect (Pro only)

Lumion makes it easy to illuminate both interiors and exteriors, allowing you to fully control the lighting elements throughout your scene. You can add depth and realism with spotlights, Omni lights, and area and line lights, all of which you can customize based on color, brightness, IES profile and more.

In Lumion 12, you can now give volumetric lighting to any of the spotlight objects throughout your project. In short, with volumetric lighting, you can show visible beams of light to create a more atmospheric, cinematic ambiance.

A few examples include:

Interior lighting

Model design, ‘Scorpia’, by Adam Ingram (Ark Visuals)

Swimming pools and pool lighting

Street and public lighting

Dramatic lighting


Surface decals (Pro only)

In Lumion 12, the smallest details matter, especially when it comes to materials. With thousands of materials in Lumion’s built-in content library, along with the ability to customize materials based on age, foliage, displacement and more, Lumion helps buildings feel real.

Now, with 142 new surface decals available in Lumion 12, you can give surfaces a heightened level of detail, imperfection, age and more.

Some of the new surface decal collections include:

— Water stains — Exposed brick — Moss — Chalk drawings — Paint markings — Road markings — Potholes — And many others

You can find all of the new surface decals in the Effects category in the Lumion 12 Pro content library.


Improved scene-building experience

Lumion has always been known for its ease of use, making it possible for any architect to create realistic and atmospheric visualizations of their designs. In Lumion 12, you’ll find an improved user experience to help you build the context around your designs with greater simplicity and efficiency.

Just a few of these improvements include:

— Object collections — Improved groups and groups library — Improved OpenStreetMaps (Pro only) — Improved imported models library — Improved materials workflow — Improved library picker and object tags — Improved animation functionality — New character billboard — Other usability improvements

If you’d like to learn more about the experience of building scenes in Lumion, check out one of our new user tutorials.


New objects, nature items and materials (Some Pro only)

With the built-in Lumion content library, you have access to a total of over 6,900 high-detail objects and 1,350 beautifully textured materials to help you show your projects in a richly detailed environment.

With Lumion 12, you’ll find 570 new objects to give homes, buildings and other spaces their character.

You can bring the landscapes around your designs to life with 41 new fine-detail nature items, including flowers, stems of grass, weeds, cattails and other small plants. Some of the other new objects include:

— Stylish sofas, seats, tables and many others for interiors and exteriors — Garden items along with a new garden object category — New transportation items, which can be localized with license plates — Solar panels, solar heaters and an electric car charger — More modern televisions, computers and other devices — New static people in lifelike poses and new character animations — Assorted objects such as wall art, garage items and lived-in beds

You can also find 65 new materials to make buildings feel as if they were real, including:

— Acoustic foam — Cardboard — Solar panels — Tactile paving — Cork — Bricks — Corrugated steel sheets — Roofing

Lumion Standard contains about one-third of the total library content, while Lumion Pro contains the full library. Numbers quoted are for Lumion Pro.


LiveSync for Autodesk FormIt Pro

Lumion is the ideal visualization tool when creating beautiful visualizations for your client presentations and other major milestones, but it can also help streamline design workflows, especially earlier in the process.

Lumion LiveSync, for instance, helps architects save time as it creates a live, real-time connection between Lumion and the top CAD and 3D modeling programs, such as Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, Rhino, AutoCAD and BricsCAD. This means that you can model and render simultaneously, giving you valuable insight into your design decisions, concepts and ideas.

Now, in Lumion 12, you can also find a free LiveSync plugin for Autodesk FormIt Pro, a design tool that combines intelligent automation and informed analysis with fluid 3D sketching.


Customer Care

With a Lumion license, you get more than one of the top rendering programs in the architecture field. You gain access to our fast and friendly global Customer Care team for all your technical and license questions.

Support is available Monday through Friday (in English). Want to explore Lumion with someone who speaks your local language? You can contact one of our 47 trusted Lumion partners that operate in 153 countries.


Lumion Accounts

Download your Lumion version, get support from Customer Care and improve your rendering skills, all from one convenient place. With a Lumion Account, you can enjoy instant access to everything related to your Lumion license.


Get Lumion 12

Lumion 12 is available from November 2nd, 2021. To add Lumion to your design workflows, head to the Buy page.

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