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Breathe life into rendering with new features in Lumion 11

With new features and assets in Lumion 11, it’s a simple step to show the joy of life in your architectural design and create beautiful renders that express the uniqueness of your project.

There’s something about life that’s difficult to design in CAD software. It’s not easy to capture the concept of late-afternoon relaxation on the outdoor patio. Or the atmosphere and energy of a specific part of the city in the summertime. Or the sense of awe when staring at a snow-capped mountain standing above the others.

Life is unpredictable. It can feel chaotic and messy, and it’s our individual experiences that can color and texture our perspectives in unique ways.

Whatever it is, one thing is for certain — life is full of feeling. It’s loaded with emotion. The way you feel about a work of architecture can be just as impactful as its shape and form.

Model provided by TEN OVER STUDIO.

In Lumion 11, it’s simple to take advantage of new features, tools, and assets in the content library to help you capture life and feeling in your architectural designs. You can render the serenity of a building in the wild. Render a New York minute with all of its movement and hustle. Render lazy Sunday mornings, render rainy afternoons. Render the pale light of winter or the heavy heat of summer.

No matter if you’re working on exteriors, interiors, landscapes, urban designs or other projects, Lumion 11 eases workflows and uplifts the rendering process. Learn more about a few of the new features below.


Get an overview of Lumion 11

Rendering has typically been viewed as a difficult yet necessary step, something outside of the architect’s craft instead of a part of it. Lumion aims to change this notion.

Lumion offers a smooth and easy experience for architects who struggle with traditional rendering solutions. It opens the door to rendering for those who don’t have the time or inclination to learn complicated software, but who do want to breathe life into the way they show their designs.

To learn everything you need to know about rendering with Lumion, and how it benefits architectural rendering workflows, check out the Lumion 11 overview video above with our own Mike Brightman.


New feature: orthographic views

Architects and designers can read a 2D plan like the back of their hands. There’s the top view, looking down on the building design and exposing its layout in a clear and easy-to-read format. There are elevations revealing the style and beauty of the building facades while communicating the placement and scale of doors, windows, and any built-in furniture.

Model provided by Obra Visual.

The new orthographic view feature in Lumion 11 combines the utility of typical architectural drawings with the liveliness of a Lumion rendered project. For an in-depth look at the new orthographic views effect, check out the tutorial below.

This easy-to-use feature, available in Photo and Movie modes, lets you embed life, color, and texture into all of your technical renderings. You’ll be able to instantly transform your standard documents into polished, one-of-a-kind images and videos, and maintain continuity with your other renderings without having to rely on other software.

You can make static or even animated plans, sections, elevations, and isometric views in just a few clicks, and express the simple yet beautiful perspectives of your vision throughout the design process.


New feature: rain streaks (Pro only)

When it comes to assigning emotion to an interior or exterior space, the new rain streaks effect has the ability to transform a room design into an atmospheric, cinematic experience.

For example, take a moment to think back to one of those cold and rainy days when you didn’t have to go outside. You could stay curled up on the couch with warm tea and soft music, feeling a sense of joy watching the raindrops sliding down the window.

By going to the Precipitation effect in Photo and Movie modes, you can now apply rain streaks to instantly infuse your designed spaces with this universal mood. With only a slight movement of the slider, dozens of dynamic, intelligent raindrops move down glass surfaces, a gripping detail that would otherwise take hours to get right.


New features: volumetric fire (Pro only)